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"I hobbled into Dr. Shi's office on crutches after a tennis injury. The doctors told me I would laid up for over four months. After only one visit, I walked out of his office and was back on the court in two days. Thanks Dr. Shi!"

- Victor C.

"I've had high blood pressure most of my adult life. Since I started seeing Dr. Shi three months ago, my blood pressure has already dropped over 20 points."

- Phil C.

"I've had trouble sleeping for some time. I didn't want to start taking sleeping pills so I looked for another solution. After only six treatments I'm already sleeping through the night and felling more rested than I have in a long time."

- Tom F.

"Osteo-arthritis in my knees left me with constant nagging pain. Climbing stairs or getting out of a car was an ordeal. Dr. Shi has helped me get rid of the pain and regain most of the range of motion I used to have. I feel 20 years younger!"

- Jill. S

"My acid reflux was getting worse and the medication I was taking was losing it's affect. Dr. Shi helped me get it under control without any medication and now I feel great."

- Adam B.